Do you buy BOOKS?

We always answer this question by saying ‘yes, we buy books we want and we pay cash, not much cash, but cash.’  The big point in this statement is ‘books we want’.  Bestsellers sell best so we usually don’t want the old ones because we probably already have them; but the latest is always appreciated.  So you could say we are almost always interested in 2016 or 2017 copyright books.  Kid’s books are usually needed, especially toddler storybooks, picture books or what I call ‘chewables’, those cardboard type books for toddlers. We are also quite interested in non-fiction.

What type of non-fiction?

That is a tough one to describe.  There are some biographies we will always want of famous people like Churchill, Lincoln, Hitler, Gandhi, Henry Ford; people who are famous in history.  But other people are either too close to the present (but not close enough) or just not famous enough.  We would say yes to Margaret Thatcher but no to John Major or Tony Blair as an example.  We don’t need a book about Justin Beiber when he was 17 (now that he is 21!) nor a book about Gerhard Schroeder (Who?) I think you get the idea. In other words, timely non-fiction