Pooping on People

Pooping on People

As the picture below suggests, This link is a shortcut to finding the gist of what most personal development books convey.

A company in Germany Blinkist feeds curious minds the key insights from non-fiction books.  In other words, they break down self-improvment books into seven pieces of advice.

  1.  The Big Picture: Find the “why” that drives you.
  1.  Mastery:  To succeed, practise your craft and learn from others.
  1.  Innovate:  Embrace failure and keep on trying.
  1.  Focus:  Be effective, not efficient, and declutter.
  1.  Positivity:  Live in the present and banish negative thoughts.
  1.  Cooperation:  Think win-win and make a good first impression.
  1.  Human needs: Accept your inherent irrationality and learn to fight it.


Click onto the link below for a more thorough study about human nature and what makes us tick.



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