The Quiz


Once again I am presenting wonderful quotes by Great Brit Wits – with a bit of Mark Twain thrown in. The quotes are some of the best from William Shakespeare, Winston Churchill, Oscar Wilde – and Mark Twain. Why these guys? Because anytime someone quotes someone else, it is invariably one of these four.

Also, I selected these particular quotes because a) they are ironic, sarcastic and humourous AND have a point to make, and b) I felt the true personality of the author comes through. But sometimes it is still difficult assigning an author to each quote, so I did one more thing to help everyone out.

There are 12 questions this time because I have selected only 3 from each author. 4 authors, 3 quotes each = 12. So a process of elimination should also help lead you to a perfect score. And don’t forget question 13 for our subscribers – one of your favourite reads you want to pass on.
Good luck to all.