Who’s Reading and How

Who’s Reading and How

Just a bit of information in regards to those famous e-books and the demise of print.


  1.  76% of adults read at least 1 book in the past year and of those readers:

69% read books in print together with

28% who read with e-books and

14% listened to audiobook

  1.  Only 5% of the people who read an e-book didn’t also read a print book.
  1.  Women read more than men
  2.  Higher education levels read more
  3.  Higher income levels read more


Those are the highlights of the article.  To me a lot of it was not unexpected but what WAS surprising to me was the fact that e-book readers almost invariably also read in print; and more than twice as many people read print books than e-books.  In other words, print books are alive and well!! I have always known people still enjoy reading print books but I think the reverse can’t be said for e-books.  Click the link below to read the entire article.



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